Run4Hope Running Club

A free running club dedicated to runners of all skills, abilities and ages.

The R4H running club was created to help runners train for PCRF’s Reaching for the Cure Half Marathon, 10K and 5K. We focus on creating a fun, friendly run environment for anyone who wants to become a stronger runner. Whether you are training for your first 5K or trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon there is something for you.

Made for Everyone

Our training program is designed so everyone can participate and have fun.

Become a Better Runner

Our training is focused on strengthening your body and mind. So whether your goal is to run a specific distance, get faster or get healthier our training can help.

Meet New People

Our club is a great place to meet new people. Join us and gain some new running partners and people to help keep you accountable to your goal.

Unique Experience

Our run club is not just about running. We focus on strengthening the mind and body by creating a fun and dynamic meetup every week. Presenters  strengthen our minds by teaching us something about running and our bodies with strength exercises.


R4H Newsletter

This weekly newsletter will give you updates on our meetups and running insights from the coaches.
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Everything you need to know about the Run4Hope Running Club.

YES! Each meetup has a range of activities that anyone can participate in and our training plan has a very gradual progression to your target goal/distance.

NO! We welcome runners of all abilities and ages. We will work with you to create a training plan specific for you.

Your favorite pair of running shoes, comfortable clothes that you don’t mind sweating in, water and sunscreen.

This club was started to train runners but anyone who wants to be more active can participate. So hop on your bike or snap on your rollerblades and join us.

Our club is fun and family friendly. If you’re trying to run a faster pace your younger children may slow you down but it can be a fun way to spend some active time outdoors with them.

Start any week you want! Every single meetup we will be working on strengthening our bodies and becoming better runners so the more often you join us the stronger and faster you will become.

No, all of the R4H captains are volunteers who love to run and help others become better runners.

Our club offers so much more than running. Each meetup we have presentations, warmups, endurance runs, strength exercises and more. All of these activities focus on strengthening your mind and body for running.

The R4H training plan is a suggestion for entry level runners to be able to complete their target race at PCRF’s Reaching for the Cure. If you want to develop a more personal training plan for your goals then join us at a meetup and speak with a captain.

We do not have pace groups at R4H. Our training focuses on helping you understand your abilities and the pace that you are able to run comfortably and naturally. With consistent training that pace will increase naturally.


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